Jaypee Santos vs Janine Tugonon and Danny O’Donoghue

Celebrities, from Britney Spears to Ruffa Gutierrez, have at one point or another expressed their desire for privacy. Privacy can be understood in simple scenarios like being able to buy something in a mall without throngs of people asking to have a picture with you, or being able to deal with your personal issues away from the prying eyes of the public. That is understandable, of course.

Even as a public figure, there are aspects of your life that other people have no business knowing. Nevertheless, it has been a long-accepted fact that losing one’s privacy is one of the curses that comes with being a celebrity. But, what about instances when these celebrities willingly wash their dirty linen in public?

In an appearance on Kris Aquino’s morning talk show Kris TV, Miss Universe 2012 1st runner-up Janine Tugonon revealed that she and her boyfriend Jaypee Santos (who, for pity’s sake, is with her throughout the program) have already ended their relationship. While cooking tinola, Tugonon admitted to Aquino that her relationship with her erstwhile lover took a turn for the worse when she met Danny O’Donoghue, frontman of the Irish rock band The Script.

To cut the long story short, it seems that Tugonon willingly split with Santos to free herself for a potential relationship with O’Donoghue. This is human nature. You want to let go of what you have to get something better. Go to or Buy and Sell to know what I mean. Unfortunately for Tugonon, her new apple of the eye has a solid track record for flirting with just about any girl around, as MTV UK reports. So much for loyalty, eh?


Tugonon is a douche. She ditched her boyfriend to be able to flirt with The Scripts vocalist! On another note, that’s better than cheating on him. Whatever the ending of this episode, Tugonon has certainly not earned any ganda points. Now, isn’t it ironic that Tugonon will do all of these with the prodding of Aquino, who herself is guilty of sharing too much information about her life to us? Okay, back to work …


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5 responses to “Jaypee Santos vs Janine Tugonon and Danny O’Donoghue

  • Anonymous

    That a nice move for Janine…

  • Anonymous

    Insensitive. Janine is very cheap and easy to get. She will dump a year long relationship with a casual acquaintance. What’s worse is that on national TV she was talking about the guy in front of the ex. Insensitive. Anyway, if Janine gets into a relationship with this new guy, this is not for long term. This guy is flirting a lot of girls. Janine will just be one of the girls.

  • Anonymous

    hey shut the fuck up…he’s not just a casual acquiantance but a very famous celeb…

  • Anonymous

    Ok lang yun. Tagasagip si Danny ng mga gf na may bf na panget. lol

  • Anonymous

    Janine should think deeper. As she always says ” I surrender”, she must thinks thousands of times that being an emotional or in love with Danny is a very danger decision. He do not know this man deep inside and she must keep away from him. She must remembered God’s word ” the heart is deceitful ” because to the things she sees like the external appearance of the guy.We do not live by sight or what we see around us but by faith in Christ. God knows the best and she must live with peace in heart and mind. I admire Janine and she needs to search herself deeply with wisdom ffrom God, do not give the evil the chance, she maybe mistaken. She needs wisdom from God to remove from her heart as being too emotional that will make her life miserable in the future. Just a simple prayer with sincerity ” Lord, I do not want to commit mistakes in my decision, please give me strength to overcome this emotions and remove it from me right now, if we are not meant for each other. Give me peace in my life. I want the right man who have fear in God.” Janine, surrender yourself to Christ alone and He shall direct your path. You are in the crooked way nowadays.Do you want to gain peace from God? or you suffer forever? God loves you, He knows the best for you.

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