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Rep. Trisha Bonoan-David withdraws HB 6195

Solon drops measure after drawing flak from OFWs

Manila Rep. Trisha Bonoan-David (4th distrct) is now rescinding her initial sponsorship of House Bill 6195, which would have amended parts of the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Protection Act of 1995. Rep. Bonoan-David’s camp sent to The Filipino Scribe a copy of the lady solon’s official announcement Friday afternoon.

Dated June 18 and addressed to House Majority Leader (and chair of the Committee on Rules) Neptali Gonzales, Jr., Bonoan-David said she is withdrawing sponsorship as principal author of HB 6195 “after some careful consideration on (its) provisions.” Curiously, a copy of the said bill is not uploaded in Bonoan-David’s page in the House of Representatives website.

trisha bonoan david HB 6195

Rep. Trisha Bonoan-David has officially withdrawn her sponsorship of House Bill 6185 (click to enlarge)

Filed last May 17, HB 6195 will require departing overseas Filipino workers to pay US$50 as contribution to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration emergency repatriation fund. The Manila solon said her bill “intends to provide the necessary measures for the government to carry out its responsibility to assist distressed OFWs in cases of war, epidemic, disaster or calamities, natural or man-made, and other similar events, and promote their general welfare.”

The bill has received a firestorm of criticism in the social media, led by migrant workers’ rights advocate Susan Ople and other organization of overseas Filipino workers. In her blog, Ople described HB 6195 “bereft of logic” and “inimical to the welfare and rights of our OFWs.” The 2010 senatorial candidate added: “(The bill) touches a sensitive nerve because of its gross insensitivity to the heavily burdened life of an OFW.”

trisha bonoan david congress

Manila Rep. Trisha Bonoan-David is now in her second term in Congress.

Bonoan-David is currently serving her second term in Congress. She has not indicated if she will seek reelection in next year’s midterm polls or if she will instead run for a higher post in Manila.

PS: Ms Susan Ople has mentioned this post in her latest blog entry.


RH bill advocates fight on despite legislative roadblocks

Around 400 students from leading universities and colleges in Metro Manila held last November 14 a demonstration dubbed “Busina Para sa RH” (“Blow Your Horn for RH”) in support of the reproductive health bill. The pro-RH activists converged in Katipunan Ave., along the gates of Ateneo de Manila University, at 6 PM – to coincide with the opening of the legislative sessions in both Houses of Congress for that day.

After the short program, the protesters marched toward the House of Representatives. The participants dyed their hairs purple to show their “solidarity and commitment” in campaigning to push Congress to vote on the RH Bill. Last week, House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales, Jr. (Lone district, Mandaluyong) announced that the solons would vote on the measure by June next year, instead of December this year, since “at least 20 congressmen are still lined up for interpellations.”

RH bill advocates organized the "Busina Para sa RH" last November 15 (photo courtesy of Ms Chi Laigo Vallido)

Gibby Gorres, national secretary general of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, stressed that the support of the youth for the RH bill is important since the sector “comprise 30% of the country’s population,” a fact that has made them a “driving force in elections and campaigns.” He also warned lawmakers who are against the said bill: “Young people are a force to reckon with in the 2013 elections.”

Ha also urged the youth to get involved in the campaign, saying: “Young people should demand that information and services that allow them to practice their sexuality responsibly, such as the comprehensive sexuality education, be made available to them.” An article in the Jakarta Globe published last November 7 noted that “ignorance and poverty, which cause large numbers of children to drop out of school, are the main drivers of persistently high rates of teenage pregnancies in the Philippines.”

In response to this pronouncement, RH advocates launched an “Occupy Wall Street”-inspired protest right in the South Gate of the Batasan Complex beginning last November 21. Dr. Junice Melgar, the movement’s chief coordinator, told GMA News in an interview: “The lawmakers can’t keep interpellating ‘til kingdom come. ‘Wag nilang patayin ang RH bill dahil sa delay.” (They should not kill the RH bill through delays.)

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