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Mar Roxas, nagmura dahil sa limang libong piso?

Did he do “it” again?

As Filipinos were preparing for the Lenten holidays, television news anchor Arnold Clavio made an explosive revelation in his column for the tabloid Abante.

Clavio wrote in his article published last April 16 that Interior Secretary Mar Roxas made a scene inside the elite Wack Wack Golf and Country Club during a visit early this month.

Citing an internal incident report, Clavio narrated that Roxas became very upset upon being informed by a registration staff that he has to pay an additional P5,100 for having a companion in the golf course fairway. The companion was identified as Rey Pagunsan, said to be a professional golfer.

Roxas insisted that he should not be paying for Pagunsan’s presence since he will only be “teaching him.” When the staff explained to the secretary that it is what the rules stipulate, Roxas shot back: “T____ ina! Walang presi-presidente sa akin!” He is said to be referring to Philip Ella Juico, the club president.

mar roxas mr palengke

From Mr. Palengke to Mr. Palengkero?

T____ ina! Walang bawal-­bawal sa akin!!!” Roxas further reiterated. His wife Korina Sanchez came over to him upon noticing the commotion but it is not clear if she tried to pacify her husband. In fact, Roxas went on to berate another golf course employee who was tasked to check his payment receipt.

Juico for his part told Philippine Star that his group will be investigating the matter after the Holy Week.

Refusing to pay P5,000 may seem to be a trivial matter for a scion of an aristocratic family like Roxas, but the bigger issue here is his refusal to abide by the rules. If the incident report cited by Clavio in his column is accurate, it is clear that Roxas thinks he can just disregard rules based on his own whim.

This episode involving Roxas is similar to that incident last November involving Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and his sister, Senator Nancy Binay. To restate it briefly, the Binays were barred by three security guards from leaving the exclusive Dasmarinas Village through the Banyan road exit close to midnight of November 30.

The guards said they were merely following the rules agreed upon by the village homeowners. To make matters worse, the three guards were taken into custody by personnel from the Makati police department.  The Binay camp unsurprisingly denied that the guards were placed under arrest.

It can be recalled that Roxas was widely ridiculed in 2008 when he was caught cursing in public during a protest rally at that time. Is it natural for Mr. Palengke to blurt out expletives during inappropriate occasions?

Postscript: Curiously, Juico is the husband of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office chair Margarita Juico. The couple has longstanding ties to the Aquino family, dating back to the administration of the late former President Corazon Aquino. In recent years, the Juico couple has been identified with the Samar faction of President Benigno Aquino III’s administration.

The group first gained attention in 2010 when they pushed for the vice presidential bid of then-Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay over Roxas, Aquino’s running-mate.

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Video of Roxas-Romualdez meeting goes viral

A forty-minute video of a meeting between Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez has been been circulating in the social media since yesterday. The clip was uploaded by Philippine Star columnist Cito Beltran on video-sharing website YouTube. Watch the entire clip below:

In his article today, Beltran said the video was recorded in November 14, six days after Super typhoon Yolanda hit Eastern Visayas, by someone from the Romualdez camp. The writer claimed that he first learned of the video in November 26. “I actually wanted to stay out of the squabble except when it reached a point when Mar vehemently denied asking for a letter of resignation and anyone who claims such was a liar,” Beltran explained.

alfredo romualdez tacloban

Tacloban City Mayor Alfredo Romualdez (Credits:


Why is this video so crucial? Remember that last November 17, The Filipino Scribe and other news websites first reported that Roxas asked Romualdez to submit to him a letter stating that since he can no longer function effectively as a local government unit, the national government already needs to take over.  The video confirms this, with Roxas telling the Tacloban mayor: “Aquino ang presidente, Romualdez ka.”



Apparently, it’s Roxas who understood that there can be political implications if the Aquino administration is seen as moving against the city administration. As we have noted in a previous post that has since gone viral, President Benigno Aquino III and Mayor Romualdez has been at loggerheads since the election season.


Will this spell the doom for Roxas’ angling for the presidency by 2016? Abangan. (Curiously, Beltran once had a show with Korina Sanchez, Isyu 101, Roxas’ wife.)






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