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Katy Perry concert in Manila, Jan. 22, 2012 – CONFIRMED!

I can now confirm with certainty that Katy Perry is coming to Manila on January 22, 2012 as part of her California Dreams Tour.

Like other devoted Katy Perry fans here in the Philippines, I was so excited upon hearing the news that she will be coming to Manila this January 22, 2012 (she first performed in Manila in late 2009). As much as possible, I do not want to disseminate information I have not independently verified from reliable sources (if possible).Hence, I titled my first post on this event as “A Katy Perry concert in Manila on Jan 22, 2012? Not so fast!” Read it here:

First, the circumstantial proof: Katy Perry announced via Twitter last Oct. 24 that she will be having a show in Jakarta, Indonesia by January 19, 2012 – a clear indication that her next stop after that would be Manila. The California Gurls singer would most likely leave Indonesia on the 20th and spend two to three days here in the Philippines – unless she’ll be performing somewhere else in Southeast Asia.

Katy Perry concert in Jakarta, Indonesia January 19, 2012

Then, Music Management International, the concert production outfit that brought Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus to the country earlier this year, has posted on their website a poster of the event. See it here:

Katy Perry California Dreams Tour - live in Manila (official poster - courtesy of MMI)

Lastly, a source from SM Tickets (not to be confused with Ticketnet and Ticketworld) confirmed to me that the concert will indeed happen and that they will be the in charge of ticket sales. She stressed, however, that other details are still being finalized – particularly the ticket prices. Expect an update from me regarding that soon.

Meanwhile, according to Wikipedia, Katy Perry is following this song set list during her performances:

  1. Teenage Dream
  2. “Hummingbird Heartbeat”
  3. Waking Up in Vegas
  4. Ur So Gay
  5. Peacock
  6. I Kissed a Girl
  7. “Circle the Drain”
  8. E.T.
  9. “Who Am I Living For?”
  10. “Pearl”
  11. Not Like the Movies
  12. The One That Got Away” (Performed in replacement of a medley)
  13. Medley: “Only Girl (In the World)” / Big Pimpin’” / “Whip My Hair
  14. Thinking of You
  15. Hot n Cold” (contains elements of “I Want Candy“)
  16. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
  17. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” (contains elements of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun“)
  18. Firework
  1. California Gurls

A Katy Perry concert in Manila on Jan 2012? Not so fast!

Of course, I’d love to see Katy Perry have a concert here, but I am wary of unwittingly spreading false information. Last May, a female DJ from a high end FM station tweeted that Britney Spears would be coming to Manila. Turns out, the Hold It Against Me singer won’t be having a concert in Asia this year ( at all.

This is not to douse cold water on the hopes of my fellow Katy Perry fans out there – but so far, I cannot confirm with absolute certainty that the California Gurls singer would indeed be having a concert on January 22, 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia concert grounds.

The buzz started when socialite and self-proclaimed “eventologist” Tim Yap last night. His announcement has been “retweeted” thousands of times, and thus, popular sites such as Philippine Concerts (, Noypi Stuff (, and Katy Perry PH ( have picked up the news.

Katy Perry's "California Dreams" Tour promotional poster (from Wikipedia)

To verify the information, I went to her website to see the tour dates. However, it doesn’t say any other California Dreams concert beyond November 22 of this year.  On that day, Katy Perry will be performing in Los Angeles, California’s Staples Center – the home court of my beloved Los Angeles Lakers.  Meanwhile, Wikipedia ( states that Katy Perry’s second concert tour would in fact end this December 1, when she’ll be having a show in Great Rapids, Michigan’s Van Andel Arena (the concert was originally set for September 11 but was moved).

The last two dates for Katy Perry's California Dreams concert tour (from

Just a few moments ago, I called both SM Tickets (470-2222) and SM Ticketnet (911-5555) but I was told by their respective customer service agents that no such events are lines up yet. This is weird, since according to the aforementioned blogs, Katy Perry’s concert would be held on January 22, 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia concert grounds and that tickets would be on sale beginning on November 9. In fact, they already even have a ticket price list. I can’t help but ask: what is the source of their information? 

*Expect more updates in the days to come. 

As of Oct. 31 – This is interesting. Katy Perry announced via Twitter last Oct. 24 that she will be having a show in Jakarta, Indonesia by January 19, 2012. It is unclear though if this is still part of her California Dreams tour (does it matter, anyway?). It is highly possible that her next stop after that would be Manila, right? (Thanks to Ericka of for this info.)

Katy Perry concert in Jakarta, Indonesia January 19, 2012 (click image for higher resolution)

CONFIRMED: Britney Spears is NOT coming to Manila this November 2011.

A few months back, a female DJ from a high-end FM station in Manila announced via Twitter that pop princess Britney Spears will be coming to Manila for a concert this November 2011 as part of her Femme Fatale Tour.  This sent Britney’s legions of fans in the country into a frenzy, since the false news (or as journalists say, kuryenteng balita) being disseminated online at a lighting speed.


The 30-year-old singer hasn’t ever been to the Philippines. But, sorry to disappoint Britney fans out there: she’s not coming to Manila this November or on any date this 2011. I got the information from her website ( Only dates for her North America, South America, and Europe tours have been confirmed. Who knows, Britney’s handlers may be preparing for an Asian tour early next year. I hope so.

Here are the concert dates (click image to enlarge):

Britney Spears' Femme Fatale concert dates in North and South America


Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour dates in Europe (November 2011)

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