I speak on a wide range of topics including campus journalism, blogging, social media, among others (refer below). Student organizations and other interested parties may send their speaker invitations, interview requests, and similar queries through this blog’s Facebook page.



*Judge, 7th Technological Institute of the Philippines – Quezon City College of Arts Student Documentary Film Festival


*Paper presenter, 7th De La Salle University Arts Congress

Going Green in the Cyberspace: Social Media and the Promotion of Pro-Environment Advocacy


*Judge, 25th De La Salle University Campus Journalism Awards



*Paper presenter, 6th De La Salle University (DLSU) Arts Congress


*Paper presenter, UP Diliman Journalism Research Conference

*Featured speaker, “MEDIA lito ka ba? O MEDIA may alam ka na?” forum on media literacy organized by senior Communication Research students from Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Manila

*Guest, Global News Network’s “Opinion Leaders” talk show (Topic: Financial issues affecting students)


*Featured speaker, 9th Philippine Blogging Summit (Topic: Bloggers and Political Organizations – The Road to 2016) Held in UP Diliman College of Law

9th philippine blogging summit

Speaking during the 9th Philippine Blogging Summit (May 2013)


*Workshop facilitator (feature writing), De La Salle University Students Media Congress


*Paper presenter, 23rd Pan-Asian Sports and Physical Education Conference (Cebu City, Philippines)


*Featured speaker for sports journalism (Laoag City, Ilocos Norte), Center for the Professional Advancement of Educators

*Featured speaker, “Digital Iconoclasm in the Philippines” – Organized by UP Socius, University of the Philippines Los Banos

*Judge, Goodwill Bookstore’s Extemporaneous Speaking Contest (Held during the 35th Manila International Book Fair)


*Featured speaker for campus journalism, Mapua Institute of Technology
1st National Collegiate Journalism Conference

EVENTS IN 2012 – 


* Guest, Global News Network’s “Opinion Leaders” talk show (Topic: Why I Blog)

alvin dakis

With Alvin Dakis, writer and reproductive rights advocate during a joint appearance in “Opinion Leaders”


* Facilitator, Writing workshop for journalists from Quezon City Polytechnic University (QCPU)

* Paper Presenter, 5th DLSU Arts Congress


* Recognition day speaker, Juan Luna Elementary School – Manila


* Facilitator, Journalism Training for Workshop for Elementary Students

Organized by Department of Education – Quezon City (hosted by Teodora Alonzo Elementary School)

* Paper presenter, Literature, Media, and the Romance of Childhood Interdisciplinary Conference

Organized and hosted by the University of the Philippines Main Library


* Guest, Global News Network’s “Opinion Leaders” talk show (Topic: Cyberbullying)


writing workshop philippines 2013

Atty. Eliseo Zuñiga, Ms Lucila Tariela (President, Center for Human Resource Management), Hon. Geronimo Sy (Assistant secretary, Department of Justice), Mark Pere Madrona, and Mr. Nathan Andaya (Executive director, Business Processing Association of the Philippines). Photo taken after a forum on RA 10175 organized by the People Management Association of the Philippines last November 2012.

* Panel reactor, Forum on Republic Act 10175 (Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012)

Organized by the People Management Association and hosted by the Asian Institute of Management

*Guest speaker for a “Mass Media and Society” class in DLSU Department of Communication (Topic: The New Media)


* Keynote speaker, “The Rise of the Netizens – Advocating for Social Change through Social Media”

University of the Philippines – Manila College of Arts and Sciences




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    The next screen shows a picture of your congressman. Click on Send email and this will take you to the next screen where you can write your email. Let us flood them with emails to catch their attention.

    With the new year, let us resolve to do whatever we can do, individually and collectively, for a better Philippines – not just for ourselves but more importantly for the 26.5 % of our population classified in 2009 by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) as poor.

    Have a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!!!

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    Greg Mariano, Jr.
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    Some informative links: – FOI bill won’t be certified as urgent – Palace official – By Delon Porcalla (The Philippine Star) | Updated December 20, 2012 – 12:00am – December 2, 2012 – A hundred groups urge P-Noy, Congress: Certify FOI as urgent!

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