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Philippine Science High School Application Exam 2014

The country’s most prestigious science high school in the Philippines is once again opening its doors to new applicants for school year 2014-2015. The Philippine Science High School System’s National Competitive Examination (NCE) is scheduled to be held on September 28, and interested parties should be able to file their papers on or before August 2. The school has set the following guidelines for applicants:

1. Must be in his/her 6th year in elementary level (excluding the years spent in nursery and kinder) from a school accredited by the Department of Education
2.  Included in the upper 10% of their batch and with no grade below 80% as officially certified by the school principal or registrar
3. In case the applicant does not belong to the upper 10%, he/she should have a final grade of 85% in Science and Math and 80% in all other subjects

Philippine Science High School Western Visayas...

Philippine Science High School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. A Filipino citizen with no pending application to immigrate to another country
5. Born on or after June 1, 1999
6. In good health and fit to undergo a strenuous academic program for four years
7. Of good conduct and behavior
8. Must not have taken the exam previously

All other information can be accessed in this link. Applicants must submit two copies of the Philippine Science High School application form 2014 (click the link to download it) together with two identical 1X1 photos, a copy of his/her report card for school year 2012-2013, and a non-refundable test fee of P100 for students from private schools. Visit the website of PSHS for more details.

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