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Timeline for all Facebook pages starting March 30, 2012

Facebook announced this February 29 that “all pages” on this site will get the new design (the Timeline) beginning on March 30, 2012. In line with this, page administrators are encouraged to preview immediately how their respective accounts would look like on the new layout and for them to try out the other features. This comes five weeks after the popular website announced that “everyone will get timeline…over the next few weeks.”

All Facebook pages will get the timeline by March 30, 2012 (click to enlarge)

The new feature was made available to users last December 15. According to post by Facebook’s Paul McDonald, the timeline gives users an “easy way” to rediscover the things they shared as well as their life’s most important moments. One of the key features of the timeline is the activity log, where users can review all the items they posted from the day they started using the said social networking site.

Users will have seven days after clicking “get Timeline” to preview what they want to appear on their profile page. The Internet giant has published a step-by-step guide for users in customizing their privacy settings. This is apparently to allay fears that the new page layout is a means for Facebook to sell more user information to its advertisers. As Financial Times reported in early February, “Facebook is offering to marketers an opportunity to pay to feature these automatic posts more prominently to a user’s friends, in their news feeds, and in the right-hand column of the page that is generally reserved for advertising.”

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

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2011 Bar Exams results to be announced on February 29

ABS-CBN’s Ina Reformina filed this report:

The Supreme Court has announced that 1,913 (31.9%) of 5,990 examinees passed the 2011 Bar exams, the 2nd highest passing rate this millennium.

The highest was in 2001 with a 32.89% passing rate.

The lowest was in 2002 with only 19.68%.

Court spokesman Jose Midas Marquez said: “The large part of that can be explained by the reforms undertaken in the 2011 Bar Exams.”

Atty. Jose Midas Marquez, the spokesperson of the Supreme Court

Marquez said the results are being audited manually and will be announced at 2 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday.

The Chairperson of the 2011 Bar Exams is Justice Roberto Abad who is a former Dean of the University of Sto. Tomas law school.

The Bar examiners are:

-Court of Appeals Justice and Prof. Amy Lazaro-Javier for Political Law
-author and Prof. Atty. Cesario Alvero Azucena, Jr. for Labor Law

-author and former Justice Usec. Dean Ernesto Pineda for Civil Law
-author and Prof. Abelardo Domondon for Taxation

-Court of Appeals Justice and Prof. Ramon Paul Hernando for Mercantile Law
-Sandiganbayan Justice and Prof. Maria Cristina Cornejo for Criminal Law

-former Prof. and practitioner Virgilio Manguera for Remedial Law
-MCLE lecturer and Prof. Edwin Carillo for Legal Ethics

The 2011 Bar Exams instituted, for the first time, multiple-type questions. This constituted 60% of the exams; the remaining 40% constituted essay.

*Click this link to see the full list of the 2011 bar admitted candidates (downloaded from the website of the Supreme Court).

Hayden Kho hits Vicki Belo via Twitter, then regrets it

Hayden Kho created a buzz around the Twitterverse last Monday night with his series of tweets directed at celebrity cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vicki Belo, his erstwhile lover. Kho wrote:

@haydenjr: OK that’s it!  I tried to just turn around and walk away just to silence my accusers. But this is too much already.

@haydenjr: You accuse me of infidelity and barrage the public with the accusations as if it’s really true. Proof? C’mon. Show me.

Hayden Kho to Vicki Belo: "You accuse me of infidelity and barrage the public with the accusations as if it’s really true"

Kho appeared to imply that Belo, to whom he got engaged last December 2010, has cheated on him with bikram yoga instructor Aljarreau “Al” Galang. He was the second runner-up in Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007. He uploaded the image of a letter to support his claim that the two are having an improper relationship (Khow has already deleted the post).

On Twitter, Kho seemed to imply that Belo had an improper relationship with Al Galang, a yoga instructor

The latest chapter in the Kho-Belo saga began when the popular cosmetic surgeon wrote on Twitter last February 10: “nancycastilogne you can now openly date @haydenjr . You have my blessings. Hope you’ll both be happy.” Kho immediately responded: “Before things go out of hand: Vicki and I are just having a misunderstanding. Don’t make conclusions. ” He erroneously added that “There’s infidelity issue here.” He corrected his post moments after. Now, that seems to be a Freudian slip on his part.

A few days after announcing her split with Kho, Belo traveled to Los Angeles, California to spend what she described as her “first Valentine’s day alone.” She then posted this rather unflattering photo of herself with son (and film director) Quark Henares at the Los Angeles International Airport:

Vicki Belo with son Quark Henares (photo from her Twitter page)

Two hours later, Kho made another batch of Twitter posts to “fix” the controversy created by his earlier updates. “In the height of my anger, I tweeted those things and now I regret it,” he wrote. He emphasized that though the letter he uploaded before is real, Belo was able to explain her side to him and that he “believed” her. “Vicki DID NOT have an affair with that guy (Galang),” Kho wrote. He also declared that Belo never cheated on him.

He likewise defended himself against charges that he is dating or having an affair with Nancy Castiglione. According to reports, the two were spotted kissing at a bar in Taguig. And in an attempt to stop people from speculating further about the reason for his split with Belo, Kho wrote: “Vicki did not cheat on me. I did not cheat on Vicki. And Al and Nancy have got nothing to do w/ this.”

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February 24 and 27 holidays in Zamboanga Sibugay and Gen. Santos City, respectively

Those working on Zamboanga Sibugay and General Santos City, South Cotabato are bound to have a three-day break this coming weekend. The western Mindanao province is having its Charter day anniversary come February 24 (a Friday) while GenSan would be marking its 73rd foundation day on February 27 (coinciding with the 23rd Kalilangan Festival), which falls on a Monday.

General Santos City will be marking its 73rd founation day on February 27. Darlene Antonino-Custoio is their city mayor.

The said dates have been declared by President Benigno Aquino III, through Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa, as special non-working days through Proclamation 330 and 331 respectively. See the full text here and here.

The two announcements were signed last February 7. The proclamations aim to give the residents in the area “the full opportunity to celebrate and participate in the occasion with appropriate ceremonies.”

According to the rules set by the Department of Labor and Employment concerning declared special holidays, employees who will not work on these dates will go unpaid “unless there is a favorable company policy, practice or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) granting payment of wages on special days even if (it is) unworked.”

On the other hand, those who will report for work are entitled to get their regular hourly rate plus an additional 30% as a holiday premium. If they work in excess of eight hours, they will get plus 30% of their pay rate on that day. As per DOLE guidelines, employees who fail to show up on the work day just before the holiday are not entitled to get a holiday premium.

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December 2011 nursing board exams results – full list of passers here

(August 23, 2012 update) – The results of the June 2012 nursing licensure exams has been released earlier today. Click here to download the full  list of passers.

***The Professional Regulations Commission has released this afternoon the names of the 22,760 passers during the Nurse Licensure Examinations held last December 2011. The Board of Nursing conducted the examinations in various points across the country namely Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Dagupan, Davao, Iloilo, La Union, Legazpi, Lucena, Nueva Ecija, Pagadian, Pampanga, Tacloban, Tuguegarao, and Zamboanga.

Click here to download he full list of December 2011 Nursing Licensure Exam passers.  If you are one of the successful passers, congratulations! If not, better luck next time!

Meanwhile, here’s the list of the top ten performing schools during the December 2011 exams. To be included in this list, the school has to have at least 50 examinees. It should also have a passing percentage of not lower than 80%.

Ten Best Performing Schools – December 2011 Nursing Exams (click image to enlarge)


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February 25, 2012 special working holiday pay rules

The nation will mark the 26th anniversary of the world-famous 1986 People Power Revolution on February 25, a Saturday. According to President Benigno Aquino III’s Proclamation 295 for 2011, the event “restored and ushered political, economic, and social reforms in the country” and that it “serves as an inspiration to Filipinos everywhere as a nation and as a people.”

Because of the success of the EDSA Revolution, Corazon Aquino was named as Time Magazine's Woman of the Year for 1986

Is February 25, 2012 a special non-working holiday? The answer is no, as per Proclamation 295. The anniversary of People Power I is listed as a special holiday for all SCHOOLS only (emphasis mine). As a master’s student in UP Diliman with classes every Saturday, this is good news for me – but not for those required to work on Saturdays. Download here Proclamation 295 from President Benigno Aquino III.

According to the Department of Labor and Employment, employees who will report for work during special working days are only to his/her basic rate. DOLE explained that “no premium pay is required since work performed on said days (e.g. February 25) is considered work (done during) ordinary working days. Thanks but no thanks, PNoy! 🙂

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