Beware of text scams using fake DTI promo numbers!

Have you ever received a text message from an unregistered number saying you have won a huge prize for a contest you don’t remember joining at all? Here are two scam text messages I have received:

June 29, 2011

Sender: 09173311529

Congratulations! Last Jun/29/2011 Ur Cell# had Won! P750,000+N95:frm-PCCNS DTI NCR Permit#1948-S’of11-to Claim Ur Prize! Pls Call me Now! IM ATTY.MARK Mendez

January 17, 2012

Sender: 09058286843

(Congrats)!Ur SIMcard#won Php880,000.2nd prize winner draw last night.To claim ur prize,pls call me now!I’m Atty.Miguel A.Lopez.,Per DTI#5247seriEs of 2012.

The two SMS were sent seven months apart but they follow essentially the same structure. First, the sender tells me that my number won a particular amount through an unspecified promo. Notice that the message sender (which purports to be a lawyer on both occasions) is urging me to call him immediately for my prize.

Then, they use a fake promo permit number from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to give their modus operandi a semblance of authenticity. You can easily countercheck this through the DTI website.

Department of Trade and Industry

The authenticity of permit numbers mentioned in text promos can be verified via the DTI website

Here’s what I found out:

Permit # 1948 – Love Life Discount Health Card from the St. Luke’s Medical Center

Permit # 5247 – HSBC Premier’s 2011 Member Get Member Promo

Therefore, I have proved without any doubt that the text messages I got were plain scams. According to the Department of Trade and Industry, the public should watch for the following warning signs:

1. You don’t know the person who sent you the message.
2. You are asked to provide your bank account number and the sender offers to deposit money into it.
3. The request contains a sense of urgency.
4. The text message appeared credible because it supposedly came from a trusted government institution and/or a well-known government official.
5. The person texting you appeared to be credible (like a lawyer).

The two scam messages I received fits in three of the five situations mentioned above. In its website, the DTI posted a story where the victim gave her bank account number to an anonymous texter, confident that the latter will not be able to access her money. Much to her regret, she found out later on that the P10000 balance in her ATM account had been wiped out. To avoid being victimized by text scammers, the trade department has these reminders to the public:

  • Kung wala ka namang sinalihan na promo, napakaliit ng posibilidad na ikaw ay nanalo ng isang malaking premyo.
  • Ang mga nananalo ng malaking premyo sa isang promo ay pinapadalhan ng sulat o telegrama upang sabihin na sila ay nanalo at hindi sa pamamagitan ng text message lamang.
  • Huwag basta-basta magbigay ng mahalagang impormasyon tungkol sa iyong sarili gaya ng address sa bahay at opisina, pangalan, at lalong-lalo na ang bank account number na diumano ay gagamitin “for verification.”
  • Lalong huwag magdeposito ng pera sa isang bank account number at huwag magpadala ng prepaid load na diumano ay para sa “tax” ng inyong premyo.

The public can call the DTI at 751-3330 for their complaints. Scam text promos can also be reported to the National Telecommunications Commission website (, which ironically is inaccessible at this moment.


About Mark Madrona

Mark Madrona is a prize-winning blogger, online journalist, and educator from the Philippines. Previously a book editor, he is now teaching communication subjects for a private college in Metro Manila. His blog The Filipino Scribe received the Best Blog Award during the 2011 Population and Development Media Awards. He is the youngest recipient of that recognition. Know more about him here: View all posts by Mark Madrona

88 responses to “Beware of text scams using fake DTI promo numbers!

  • Maricel | Career Mom Online

    I receive text messages of this sort. I simply ignore them. But boy, the first time I got one like this, I thought I indeed won something. The moment reason took hold of me, however, I thought to myself, “I haven’t joined any promo, how can I win?”

    • markpere2010

      Hi, Miss Maricel! Great that you had that sense of rationality in you at that time.These scams can easily be uncovered through Google, and I hope our kababayans will no longer fall for this BS.

    • Anonymous

      nabiktima na rin ako…ngayon lng tlga,,sabi nya mgload dw ako ng dalwng card prepaid worth of 300 each at hndi q ginawa kasi wala aqng pera,,,,,ang ginawa ko lng is nagload aq ng 100 each card at ibinigay q ung 14 digit number..pgbsa q sa internet scams tx lng pala,,, at aq naloko kasi 1st tym ko po nkatngap nito eh???kay tuloy nah iignorante aq…hahay sayang yong 200 pesos q….load lng pala habol nila,,,,atty.dw cila pero load ang habol lng pala anong clasing atty.cila,,,,sana mamaty cila sah pngloloko nila…..

  • James

    Just received same text message from 09351138847: (Congrats)!Ur SIMcard#won Php780,000.2nd prize winner draw last night.To claim ur prize,pls call me now!I’m ATTY. JAMES B FLORES.,Per DTI#5247series of 2012. Just ignored it and search it on the web para mashare and warn others. Ty

    • markpere2010

      Hi, James! Thanks for dropping by. Tama lang talaga for us to spread the word para wala nang maloko sa mga ganito.

    • Anonymous

      sabi pah nya,,,maam / sir ur sim # had won php 780,000 frm:BSP/PCF(HANDOG pangkabuhayn)To claim ur prize,pls call me now!I’m ATTY.JAMES A. LOPEZ (BSP)INFO. HEAD DTI-NCR#2780.S’13…ITO ANG TX NYA na kah crazy niy TLAGA////////////////hahay,,,kawawa ang 200 pesos q…bahla nlng sau na yon hndi namn cya maasinso sah load q naibigay q sah knya

  • Jelal Mystogan

    naloko ako tama! sayang ng bunos ko at cash gifts! he/she will pay for this! god dame it,shit fuck u!

  • arnold

    hi!!! may na recieve din akung txt i won 950.000 sa number na 09471890839

  • arnold

    paki report po ang number na 09471890839 sya po raw si atty.jenny p. lim

  • Maglalawis

    Just received an SMS from a certain Atty. Miguel A. Lopez about this one: “(Congrats)!Ur SIMcard#won Php880,000.2nd prize winner draw last night.To claim ur prize,pls call me now!I’m Atty.Miguel A.Lopez.,Per DTI#5247seriEs of 2012.” i texted him back that he can suck my ebony c**k. Excuse my French dear author. The NTC and the DTI helpdesks are, sad to say, walang kwenta. 😦

  • lailane

    my narisive akung txt s
    a# na ito 09279594084

  • lailane

    ito po narecive ko congratulations last21/07/2012 ur cell # had won P750.000+LOPTOP frm,,,,pccns dti ncr permit#1948-s’of12 im atty mark mendes

  • lailane

    jajaja muntik na aku

  • Cathy

    Geez, I thought I have won something! Akala ko pa naman matutulungan ko na mga pamangkin ko na walang pang tuition atbp! Buti na lang I made sense of the situation. this is what it said sa text na sinend sa akin just a few minutes ago:

    Congratulations!Last 08-02-2012.U’r cell # had won P900,000+Sony Laptop From (PCCNS)-DTI-NCR-PERMIT # 8472.Series of 2012.To claim u’r Price.Call me now.I’m atty Ric diaz
    Time: 03/08/2012 08:21

    Initially I called, tinatanong sa akin ang name ko, age, address, at nearest LBC branch. Isend ko raw sa kenya via text. So I did. Then he texted back, sabi nya call ko raw say ulit. Di ako nag call a gad as I was still a bit ecstatic sa news! tapes nag call say after a few minutes. He did not sound convincing. sabi nya kailangan ko raw bumili ng 9 na prepaid card to register, he does not speak like a lawyer at all, para lang syang taga kanto na may heavy visayan diction. When he was asking me to buy stuff, sabi ko wall ako pera, then he asked kung may mga gamut daw along mamahalin na pwede isanla, sabi ko wall, then he suggested mangutang daw ako! What the F_K!! Hahahahahahaha

    He lost me! Buti na lang. Then here I am sharing this hilariously annoying experience!

    Ingat po tayo sa mga manloloko.


  • Anonymous

    Hay naku! I just got the same text just a few minutes ago, but this is not the first time I got those kinds of text messages and I just keep on ignoring it, cause I really don’t believe in these…Sorry Atty. Russel A. Meranda…..

  • Anonymous

    Mga Pakshet clang lahat!!!! Scammer looooooooosssssseeeeerrrrssss!!!!! wahahaha!!!

  • dhimple dizon

    just receive a msg.

    Number: +639352415786
    Ma’am/Sir,Ur sim# had won Php.560,000, ‘2nd prize winner/ Frm:BSP/PCF (Handog Pangkabuhayan) To claim ur prize, Call me now! I’m (ATTY,LEO M,VILLAR.(BSP) info-head) Per’ DTI-NCR Permit# 5247, series of’2012.
    Time: 9/19/2012 10:40:09 AM

    __FYI, im not STUPID to waste my precious time and LOAD just for u…

    for all of you guys, be wise…
    beware of +639352415786…

    • Anonymous

      pareho tayo mis dhimple,my nreciv dn ako ng txt gling jan sa(ATTY.LEO M. VILLAR)dw xa.pero iba ang gmit na # ito ay 09352194989.d lng ito ang unang bese kong nkareciv ng gntung txt..pero inignor ko lng..pero itong last naicip ko twgan dhl my lod nman ako at free call lng..ang sb nya..txt ko nga rw sa knya ang complete name ko,add at edad lodan ko rw xa ng worth 150 lod..naicip ko bkit ako mglolod kung tlgng totoo cla..db dpat cla ang mgbbgay hnd ikaw ang gagastos? buti nlng d ako ngpaloko at naicip kong hanapin sa internet ang tungkol dto…

  • Anonymous

    putcha!!! nasayang yung allowance ko dahil dito my goodness!! di bale mapapalitan pa yun ng mas maraming pera kawawa naman kasing yung nagsca2m eh walang pera at mukhang per..damn!! sh*t.!!

  • Anonymous

    What is DTI doing about this?

  • Anonymous

    Maganda at nakarating na pala sa DTI ang ganitong mga kaso.
    Alam na nila ang mga numbers na ginagamit ng mga ganid na yan.
    Tanong ko din: What is DTI doing about this?:
    *Bakit hanggang ngayon meron pa yan?
    **Hindi ba alam ng DTI na sa abanteng teknolohiya ngayon ay maramina ang nakaka-trace ng whereabouts ng isang cellphone habang gamit yan?
    *Why doesn’t DTI tie up with the proper authorities para mahuli ang mga walang hiyang yan nang anihin din nila ang parusa ng panloloko at pagnanakaw nila! Baka mansion na ang bahay ng mga yan samantalang ang mga biktima nila ay buhay “save the centavo”.
    * Bakit hindi magbigay ang DTI ng pangmalawakang babala para maturuan ang publiko na mag-ingat sa ganitong mga scam?

    • Anonymous

      In answer to your last question, kahit magbigay ang DTI ng babala, basta may nasabing may napalanunan ka, makakalimutan agad ito ng ibang tao. Yung kasambahay ko nga, nung pinakita ko yung mga text na nanloloko, naku akala mo bumaba ang Birheng Maria mula sa langit dahil sa reaksiyon niya! Akala niya, nanalo talaga ako, haha 😉

  • Anonymous

    Interesting. I just received a similar text earlier, but with my name in it! I’ve spent the past hour calling the store that made me a “winner” of P50,000, calling Globe, and calling the NTC. Let’s not let these things pass! Sad, but Globe does not deactivate the involved SIM right away; they give out a warning first and only deactivate after a second complaint.

  • Anonymous

    By the way, yung isang text dati sinagot ko, sabi ko “ser nakuha ko na poh ang prize koh! tnx poh”. Ahahaha! I wonder what the guy thought!

  • Anonymous

    may na recieve akong text na sabi congratulations! last jan/01/2013 u’r cell# had won!Php:650,000,+LAPTOP)3RD winner from (PCCNS COMPANY) DTI#7330 me now! i’m atty.CARLO V. DIAZ totoo ba ito?para sa akin hindi to totoo


  • Anonymous

    I just got a text from this number 09177627249 from an Atty. Carlo V. Diaz. saying I just won (650,000.00 + a Laptop from PCCNS DTI 9513 S12. Well, sorry for him coz I am not stupid to believe that I won something out of thin air!

  • Anonymous

    i just got a text fr.dis # 09352194989 fr.ATTY.LEO M. VILLAR dw xa..saying maam/sir,ur sim# had won Php.570,000.00 frm:BSP/PCF(Handog Pangkabuhayan) to claim ds. call me now!(ATTY,LEO M. VILLAR(BSP) infohead) DTI-NCR#9596 0f 2013 ingat po sa manloloko…

  • zinned

    i just got a text for this # 09154566865 and 09276214447, from atty. Ramon C. Gonzales., he said that, Congratulations! Last! Feb/02/2013 U’r cell # Had Won! 650,000 + Laptop 3rd Winner from: (PCCNS) DTI#7330s13 Pls call me Now! I’m Atty, Ramon C. Gonsalez

  • jerome

    i always recieve this kind of text messages. how can i stop recieving this kind of text?ty

  • Makoy

    Somebody texted me at around 8am Feb 23, 2013 and saying:

    Congratulations! Last Feb-22-13 U’r Cell# Had won! P750,000+Laptop 3RD WINNER from: PCCNS DTI#9513s2013. Please call me now! I’m Atty.CARLO .V.Diaz.

    Ofcourse what I did was to search for his name as an Attorney but to my surprise, yes I did found his name but for text scamming cases. Please be aware of this text scam guys.

  • Anonymous

    pano naman ako nanalo dapat kong nanalo ako tawagan agad hindi mag txt..tapos paganakausap mo yong nag txt sayo sabihin na ipadala nalang sa L.b.C..malakin kalokohan..

  • Anonymous

    ang txt sakin nanalo daw ako sa gma pangkabuhayan foundation sponsor daw c cyntia villar..ang nag txt sakin ang pangalan nya daw atty.jade aquino..kong toto nanalo de maganda..nasan ang panalo ko hehehe..

  • Anonymous

    same text msgs. at same person din un ngtext skin sna nman mabalaan ang public s panlolokong gnito..

  • Anonymous

    ganyan talaga noh…….,pag niloloko kanang iba hindi naman pala totoo……………………:(

  • Tej Guzel

    Atty. Carlos V. Diaz you’re such a nerd! You’ve been texted my grandmother that she won 650,000 and Laptop? We are just a poor! Go to hell!!! Nerd! All atty’s go to hell and you are the one atty.carlos v. Diaz!!!

  • Anonymous

    pwede ho tayo bumuo ng grupo para mahanap itong taong ito.

  • vince guian yambao

    I just received a text message today from pccn informing I won 650,000 + lapotop. Upon receiving this sms I already googled it and found out that this is a scam. I didn’t feel excited about it since I do not like participating on raffle promos.

  • maria ana r. cabrera

    I received a text mssage last night like this:
    Congratulations! your phone won PHP 650,000+ 1 sony laptop DTI-NCR permit #9546 to claim your prize call me now i’m atty. carlo v. diaz

  • Anonymous

    i receive also the same txt from no.o9275278102…dapat my action na para sa mga scam na ganyan

  • grace

    muntik n rin kaming maloko pero nahalata kc namin n parang gusto lang humingi ng load sa amin P300.00 load mabuti nalang at pinag sabi ko kaya hindi kami naloko. maari sanang ipag bigay alam muna bago maniwala at mag research

    ito nga pala ang cp # 09485696659 at nag ngangalang ATTY. CARLO DIAZ wag po kayong maniwala jan i-ignore nyo nalang po kung maaari kc magaling po syang magsalita

    thats all wag basta maniniwala 🙂

  • yham

    I received a text message saying that i had won blah blah blah .. ndi ko siya inignore dhil sa kagustuhan kong maktulong . ngpload siya skin ng 300 for registration . den prang kinakabahan ako na scam lang to so sinearch ko ang about dito and mrami na pla ang naloko .. shit !. wala kayong ibang mgawa sa buhay niyo . mamatay na kayo !

  • carolina

    I also received a text from a person named Ven Angeles 09176406705 and 09165998828. He said he was from DTI cebu and holding the promo for TOYOTA VIOS + P350,000 tax free. I got 2 SMS from him, one from my own # and other is from my hubby. At first I was so surprised coz we never joined any promos such that. And he wanted me to call him immediately to claim the prize. I believed him once coz he said that they will cover everything for the home delivery of the prize. Then, he was asking me to call him back like 30 mins to process the insurance of the TOYOTA VIOS I won. Then on the latter part, when i told him that I do not have P2500 pocket money with me for the processing of AFFIDAVIT OF OWNERSHIP, he said that it is impossible for me to get the prize and decide if I will cancel it and go through. They will have another raffle for it. I was so disappointed about it. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE NUMBERS, IT MIGHT TEXT YOU OR SEND YOU AN SMS ABOUT WINNING SOMETHING THAT YOU DID NOT JOINED…

  • Dharyl


    • Anonymous

      I received a text from 09174561321 saying that “congratulations! Last 07/11/2013 Ur Cell # Had won! P650,000 Frm PCCNS COM.DTI #9941S’ of 13 -to claim Ur Prize! Pls Call me now! I’m Atty. NOEL Roxas… Huwag po kayong paloloko sa # na to

      • boyizh28

        i can’t imagine na nagpaloko sa ganyang txt ahaha pero ndi nya ko mahuhuthutan ng pera.. nkaka inis lang kahit panay ang doubt ko , nagbakasali din akong totoo nga,, at gaya nyo nakapagbigay pa ko ng imfo sa atty. noel roxas na yan ,, buti nlang at name at add lang nabigay ko akala nya mayaman ako para bumili ng prepaid card worth 600 ,,??? ahaha ndi ko tanga!! ask lang po sa kinauukulan panu po kung nkapag bigay ka ng some info gaya ng name at add.

  • Anonymous

    Hi everyone!

    Just recently I received a text message…. from mobile #: 0917-457-5088 -“Congratulations! Last may 29/2013. Ur Cell #. had Won! Php650,000.00 + Laptop 3rd Winner From (PCCNS) DTI-#0370S2013. To claim your prize! Call me now. The presidential ceo/globe Telecom. ERNEST CU.

    I just want to share… Maybe somebody got same text message.

    Thank you!

  • NicZ

    Same as ur concern guyz,i also received that kind of msg came from ATTY. DEXTER G ROCO but later I ignore it after a month that i was also a victim of that scam text not knowing the fact about that.
    Manloloko my KARMA dn kau.!!!
    I’m only sharing to avoid more VICTIMS.
    Thank you po!

  • joylaine

    kgaya nyo…nkatanggap rin ako ng txt at tumawag pa sya sa akin…buti nlang at hndi ako naniwala agad2x….
    mga manloloko lng pla….

  • ger

    hi,nakareceive din aq ng text,and kala q totoo, ngpaload aq agad agad ng Php.150,then kala q totoo kac ngrerespond agad cila. pnakausap pa nya saken si Mr.Amando daw,and i realize na parang pareho cla ng boses. nasayang lang ang 150 q. ang kakapal ng mukha..ATTY.JAMES LOPEZ,your such a nerd. sh*t you,.
    Ingat ung iba.
    madaling dumating ang karma.
    mamatay na kayo!!!!!!!
    im only sharing para nd kayo maloko.
    thank you po.eto ung # nila..09268225947,09066508382.

  • Anonymous

    may pag-asa pa ba marecover o mabalik ung mga naloko xakin?wala bang batas jan at kasuhan na sila para hindi na dumami pa mga kasalanan nila ng pambibiktima ng panloloko?kc nakakaawa cla kung hindi cla 22ruan ng leksyon o makakasuhan?bawat kasalanan ay may consequences kaya dapat tlga clang sawatahin para matakot at wag na cilang lumaganap kagaya ng virus.aah,mas nakakaawa cla kaysa naloloko nila.pagpalain cla ng Panginoon na ibalik nila yung kinuha nila sa pang scam,manghingi na lang cla kaysa manloko pa na may kapalit b daw?c acosta,aguilos at atty. rico valdez cla ung nanloko sa akin…please pakibalik npo ang pera ko at sana maging totoo kau na talagang blessing at makakatulong sa pinapaniwala nyo..

  • Anonymous

    hello po my na recieve din pong ganyan text massage yung friend ko sa pinag tratrabahohan ko.. sya dw c atty.miguel a lopez.. nag pa lod pa sxa ng 115 pesos sa friend ko .. tpoz nung nka lod na kelangan pa dw po ng 8,000 pra sa deliver .. nag search na po ako sa google nung cnabi yun sa kin nung friend ko kc malaki yung 8,000 bka biglang bumigay yung friend ko .. buti na lng hindi natuloy kasi nkita ko tong site nyo.. marami tnx po 🙂 sana matakot nmn yung gumagawa ng mga ganun .. sa kanila din ang blik yun ..:)

  • john jim pacienciosa




  • Anonymous

    hi naloko din ako ng number na ito 09163330232 na nanalo raw ako ng 650.000 at apple laptap at maglaod lang ako ng 300 eh wala man ako pera ngaload ako 200 utang pa yun ha tapos kailangan magload ako cp ko ng 300 para matrace nila totoo ba to

  • Anonymous

    may nag text SA akin na ang num ay 09194887801 sabi nya sya daw si roy diaz sec. ng san miguel corporation my sim number won 650,000 at tinawgn q ng ilang beses tapos nag search aq kailangan daw ng valid id tapos tatlong 3 p300 worth prepaid card tapos nag type type pa sa kabilang linya…DTI permit # 3459 tapos sabi nya secure daw ipapadala daw sa western union kasi dto aq nakatira sa davao tagum dto po daw aq sa may western branch nila…

  • Anonymous

    may nag txt din po sa akin kahapon no. nya 09265393791 nanalo din po daw ako 3rd winner 550,000.00 plus sony laptop si atty. carlo diaz daw po hirap ng buhay muntik na akong maloko buti nalang naka search ako sa site na ito.sana mahuli na po yan

  • Anonymous

    ako din nakatanggap ng ngayon lang gabi na nanalo ako ng 650,000 eh panu ako mananalo eh wala naman akong sinasalihan. hay naku dami na talagang manloloko, buti nalang my internet ako at madali kong na search ang website na ito para ma confirm kong totoo nga. tnx sa mga comment malaking tulong ito sa mga pilipino linoloko nila

  • dhadaii


    ito txt nya:
    Congratulations! Last’ 29/12/13, ur mobile # Had won! php 450,000+laptop 3rd winner frm: PCCNS. DTI-PERMIT 3308s2013. Please call me now! I’m Atty: CARLO V. DIAZ

    #pag xure uie! gikuha niya aqo balance sa 4438.


    mga GUNGGONG hindi totoo yan basta pera nasisilaw talaga kayo ang tagal na ng mga SCAMMER di na kayo natuto

  • Lance Ivan

    same po din sakin nangyari buti nalang po andito yung tita ko. eto po yung sinabi po niya sakin sa text…

    Ur sim#.had
    DTI 6609.S14,
    Pls call me I’m.

    tapos may life threatening pa may sinabi pa na panginoon makipagtulungan ka sa mama mo. underage po ako di ko po makukuha ganung kalaking halaga tumawag po sakin kailangan daw bumili ng prepaid calling card worth 300 pesos 2x nung 11:21 pm po yan. yung sinasabi ko pong life threatening mahuhuli daw kami pag pumunta sa office dun daw sa 14 floor pb com tower ayala avenue makati city.

  • Anonymous

    Marun nagtex sakin kanina mga 10 am grabe di ko na dapat iintindihin kaso may isang tao itry ko na din daw so nag tanong ako kung totoo tinawagan ako nung nagtex sakin so pinaliwanag nya kung pano ko nanalo . Tsk. Akala ko idedeliver na yung premyo tas nung may hinihinge pang card bibilin daw sa mga mall sa halagang 300 ph tas sabe ko di ako makakaalis ng bahay sbe nya iload ko daw sya ng 150 woow ha nag taka na ko so tinex ko sya na baka di totoo masayang lng pera ko . Yun nga nalaman ko di totoo hahaha . Grabe kayo alamnyong taghirap ang panahon ngayun uutakan nyo pa kaming na ngangailangan din! Kung gusto nyo kumita ng pera mag hanap buhay kayo ng tamaaaaaaa !! Dadamay nyo pa si god !!

  • edison

    totoo po ba na nanalo daw ang cp # ko? may ng txt sakin nanalo daw ako ng 650k and laptop..ang pangalan ng nag txt sakin si MGUEL G. LOPEZ. sinagot ko ung tawag nya tapos nung binaba ko na ngtxt sya sakin ipapapatay nya daw ako sa february..paki txt po ako sa cp ko kung totoo po ba na nanalo o hndi po ..eto po number ko 09363295089…salamat po …please txt me !

  • Anonymous

    IM A RECENT VICTIM OF THIS PERSON just last January 31, 2014. Brother Mark Mendez, I pray that God will answer my prayer for you to change and stop deceiving people. Brother, as I have texted you before, you’re sin will find you out. Not long from now, something will happen to you and that you prepare for it. God bless! See you in the Court of my God.

  • boyizh28

    ngayon araw ndi ko makapaniwalang nagpabiktima din ako knowing na alam kong madaming kumakalat ng scam tulad nito ,, pero nakakainganyo kc kung malalaman mung nanalo ka tanga n kung tanga sa hirap ng buhay,, mapapaisip ka!! pano kung totoo lalo’t nangangailangan ka!! natural ma iinganyo kang maniwla,, pero syempre ndi ka magpapa tanga para mag aksaya ng pera,, bkit ka maglolod sa kanila eh nanalo ka nga daw !! bkit kelangan pang mag avail ng prepaid card,, dun pa lang magigingsing ka na .. nanloloko tong taong to atty noel roxas gamit ang #09152008823.. ginagamit pa ang name ni god,, pati pangalan ni pacman grabee.. hindi ka ba kinikilabutan sa ginagawa mu.. sana tigilan mu na ang pangloloko!! kakarmahin ka sa ginawa mu.. now i learn a lesson kahit anung hirap ng buhay wag kang basta basta magpapaloko!!!

  • nikki

    YOU KNOW!!this day may nag txt sa akin
    nanalo daw ako ng 750.000 so na shock aku….then i remember the news na mag ingat sa text scams so i open my laptop then i research the name of the lawyer …kasi sinabi nya sya daw si atty. ROCO E. VALDEZ then pag research ko wlang lomabas then nag research aku sa google ng about ng scams so i saw this comments …so i prove it to my self na hindi talaga totoo ito….xhare;;;;;!!!!!

  • nikki

    i was so shock when i first saw this message….akalain mo 650,000 gnon ka laki…OMG!!hindi makaya sa puso ko ….OUCH!!!

  • roland aron

    may nag text sa akin kahapon feb 19,2014sia si “atty ed tolintino” 09267521715 yan ang number nia nanalo daw ako nang 750000+laptop.. bumili raw ako nang calling card tapos pumunta ako sa tahimik na lugar,, at dun i scratch ang pin tapos binasa.. at iiactive nia daw sa papers q.. aq namang tanga bobo bumili nang callng card na worth 500pesos… pagkatapoz nun may tumawag sakin si “manager ng mlueller”…. tapos may problema daw babayran ko padaw ang 4700 na 1percent sa ntc… umuwi aq sa amin na wala sa isip.. sayang ang 500pesos ng bm8 q… as of this moment tinatanung ako tinatawagan na magbabayad daw ako oh hindi? sabi q wala akong pera… sabi ni atty:” sayang po ang pagkakataon na ito” sabi wag napo salamat nalang po marami pang deserbing sa ganyan pilak…. may lesson narin po ako… sa mg angttext dyan nadi kilala.. erase niu nalang po … nabobohan ako sa asarili ..ko…. sana marami makunsinsia kayo kapwa niu pilipino.. peneperahan niu…….

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