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UPCAT 2012 RESULTS NOW OUT? (and some reminiscing)

Breaking news as of 4PM, January 18, 2012:

The results of the 2012 University of the Philippines College Admission Test are out! To view the results, please here.

*Word of warning – the website is loading excruciatingly slow at the moment. This is like prolonging the agony, but you’ll surely feel triumphant once you confirm that you’ll soon be an iskolar ng bayan.

According to GMA News Online, results can also be accessed on the following mirror websites: Stickbread Solutions, Creative Point Online and Preginet. The article also mentions that over 10,000 examinees aced the UPCAT.

But, why do I still see this statement on the official UPCAT page?

I’ll never forget the exact circumstance when I phoned the UP Admission Office to ask about the results of the UPCAT for school year 2006-2007. That was February 26, 2006, a Sunday. It is a significant date in our country’s recent history.

Earlier that day, Major General Renato Miranda, commandant of the Philippine Marines, was unceremoniously relieved from his post after urging his subordinates to withdraw their support from the government of then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. I made the inquiry late in the afternoon. Here’s what’s happening during that time, as chronicled by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism:

As news of (Miranda’s) resignation made the rounds of text messages in an edgy city, members of civilian groups like the Black and White Movement, Sanlakas and Brother Eddie Villanueva’s Bangon Pilipino Movement rushed to the Marine headquarters in Fort Bonifacio to support what they believed were embattled Marine troopers.

By 5 p.m., scores of civilians had gathered at the Marine chapel and were subsequently joined by Marine Col. Ariel Querubin, who is said to have been involved in the failed attempt to withdraw support from the Arroyo government last Friday. ‘We are asking the people to support us from aggression,’ Querubin told ANC.”

I will forever associate Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Ariel Querubin, and Renato Miranda to the day UPCAT Results 2006 was released

The results were posted later that night, and I was informed of it by a high school friend early morning of the following day. She asked her sister (who is a student in UP Manila) to look for my name among the passers. You see, I am not the type who swoops in into a university to look for my name in the list of qualifiers posted in the school wall/board.

Although I didn’t find the UPCAT particularly tough, I was not expecting to pass it. Even though I have heard all the harrowing tales about how tough it is to qualify, I chose not to enroll in a review center. A number of my high school batch mates did, and they failed to make it to UP ultimately. Prior to the release of the UPCAT results, I am already set to take up Political Science in the University of Santo Tomas. Has six years passed that fast?


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