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[Guest Post] “Just for the Memory” by John Matthew Villapol

I have not met personally Mr. John Matthew (a Chris Brown look-alike!), next guest blogger. An agriculture student from UP Los Banos, he’s one of my more ardent readers. He is good in writing literary pieces – poems and short stories – stuffs that are not my cup of tea (I am the essay and feature article guy).

I met him through the Facebook group of Anti-Pinoy (the place to go if you want your views to be challenged). One of his goals is to compile his write-ups and have them published. In a way, one of my aims in writing online is to meet, albeit virtually, more people like him, that is, readers who unhesitatingly share their views on what I write.  So everyone, here’s his piece:

A friend once asked my sister how she would describe her bother. She wrote:

“He’s just another college student who wishes a better life and tries to work for it. There isn’t much of a difference between him and most people, but with the fact that each person is unique, it makes one wonder if he is more unique than the others. Working for a better future, dreaming of it, and wishing that someday he would achieve it, just like any other dream that comes across his mind, he writes. I can’t describe much about him because if I did that, one would only think of him as cliché.

No matter how unique, or unlikely, and strange his works, his thoughts, and opinions would be, no one would understand how original he is until you meet him, because he may seem like everyone else. He is actually a very talented artist, and like every talented artist, he is brilliant in his own way. I take a quote from him every now and then and one quote in particular that has always meant so much to me and every writer out there: ‘I just want to write.’ “

I have no particular idea how she was able to say this but nevertheless, I am glad that she thinks of me as such. Currently, I’m taking up BS Agriculture in UPLB (University of The Philippines: Los Banos), although I would very much prefer to shift to AB Literature, or maybe AB Communication Arts, since my passion revolves around words and music.

My love for writing emerged during High School, where I first wrote a pseudo-script style story for a friend who actually enjoyed my works. I distinctly recall her paying me Php20 for every page I wrote, and it drove me to write quite a lot, ending up with around 60 pages worth of storyline, to which I agreed to end with an oration of the final parts for a final due of Php1200. So if you do the math, I actually earned a lot with it. I was rather surprised, although given the proper background of books, I believe that anyone can write well.

During Grade School, I’d read a lot of books. I also frequently browsed our library’s encyclopaedia section for any word on the wars of history as well as several mythology articles. I recall my particular love for a book of poems I’d found, although the title escapes my memory. Poetry, since then, has been my favourite writing technique. From Poetry Slam videos I see on YouTube, to rap battles, and works by literary greats such as Edgar Allan Poe (one of my favourite poets), I undoubtedly enjoy poetry.

Music is my second favorite medium for communication. Even with my acquired deafness (on the left ear), I still enjoy a lot of music: from both indie and mainstream artists, to even songs from early 1900s. With the combination of poetry and ambient sounds, be they electric guitars, or the simple beat of a drum, I usually find my inspiration with music.

Particular times of the day, such as sunrise, sunset, or very early in the morning (1am or so), with the right blend of music to fit the mood, help me write most of my works. An ironic twist on things that inspire me would be that I usually write when I’m depressed; which, as most people who read my works mention, are very dark, and have a general negative omnipresence. The influence of Edgar Allan Poe seems to resonate in my works, as mentioned by two former High School English teachers.

My blog though, relating the topic to my presence here, is basically where I post some of my works, although not my best ones, for others to read and enjoy. In terms of content, my blog is loaded with short stories, thoughts or journal entries, poems, and other mediums, such as several pictures I took during the time I enjoyed photography. I have grown a little tired of the latter, but absolutely not writing. I doubt I will ever grow tired of the medium, and I look forward to adding more to my collection of short stories, poems, and the like.

I have no particular idea yet as to what or where I will become or end up in the future. I simply hope that my writings will touch other people, evoke their emotions, and hopefully, be remembered even after my death. I dream that my works will be studied in High Schools, as if I were the 21st century version of Dante Alighieri or something of the sort. I believe that life is worthless if one does not make a particular mark on society, or at least impact it in a way that it would evoke change, or assist in the production of new ideas. To do that however, would require propagation, which I doubt I will be able to obtain, but I still nourish a slight hope for such. To sum it up; I exist just for the memory.

Please visit his blog here:

PS: He never explained to me why he is fond of anachronisms. 🙂 




Penn State’s Nittany Lions football team’s Wikipedia page was vandalized

It is pretty easy to determine if a Wikipedia article has been vandalized. If a sentence (or paragraph) appears out-of-context, then it is a sure sign that the article was vandalized. Here is a screenshot of the article about Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions football team ( This was taken today, November 9, 2011, 1:30 PM (China Standard Time).

Screen grab from a vandalized Wikipedia page of Penn State Nittany Lions

Now, compare it to this newer screen grab, taken just 30 minutes later:

Notice that the sentence “Assistant Head Coach Sandusky enjoys ass raping little boys in the shower” is already gone

The sentence “Assistant Head Coach Sandusky enjoys ass raping little boys in the shower” was obviously added. Four days ago, Jerry Sandusky was indicted for allegedly molesting at least 15 boys, some of whom were merely 10 years old when the incident happened. Sandusky served as the university’s defensive coach for three decades.

According to Pennsylvania Patriot News

(, the inappropriate acts happened in the unviersity’s locker and shower rooms. It added that the incidents continued even after Sandusky’s 1999 retirement since he had a key to the sports building (and thus, can use it anytime).The sex scandal has rocked the 156-year-old education institution, whose football program is one of the most highly regarded in the entire United States.

Meanwhile, New York Times has reported that Joe Paterno, Penn State’s coach for 45 years, will be stepping down from his post “within days or weeks” as a result of the scandal. Read the full report here:

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