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Yahoo Mail 2011 upgrade = a trap for users?

I created my first Yahoo account nearly seven years ago. There have been modifications to Yahoo Mail since then, most notably the integration of Yahoo Messenger into it in 2009. According to Wikipedia, there are currently two other versions of the Yahoo Mail other than the one launched as early as 1997. Those versions were released in 2007 and 2011, and for a long time, upgrading to a newer version of the Yahoo Mail is only an option – until recently.

Have you opened your Yahoo Mail recently? If you did, you probably got irked that Yahoo is literally coercing you to upgrade to the 2011 version. And users’ hands are tied as regards to this. In an effort to “encourage” all their users to upgrade to the 2011 release, you will see this upon accessing Yahoo Mail. Notice that I highlighted the word “trap” in the Yahoo Mail URL.

Yahoo Mail 2011 Upgrade - Notice the word "trap" in its URL. (click for higher resolution)

One cannot access his/her account without clicking the “Try in now” button. In other words, unless you upgrade to the latest version of Yahoo Mail, you will not be able to check your emails. Indeed, it is a TRAP – and the only way to revert back to the classic Yahoo Mail is by turning off your Internet browser’s JavaScript.

I know these services are given for free, and that is something everyone of us will always be thankful for. However, isn’t it better if these companies (including Facebook!) give their users an option to avail of the upgrade or not?


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