Kabayan Noli’s daughter reacted to what I posted in Facebook yesterday

The daughter of the Philippine’s immediate former vice president (and currently national news anchor) reacted to what I wrote in Facebook! Quite a surprise, I must say. Here’s the story behind it: Last Monday, there was a report in TV Patrol about the renewal of wedding vows (after 40 years of being married) between Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago and her husband Narciso Santiago, a former Interior Undersecretary.

"Magagalit ang DENR dyan. Puro plastic!" - Kabayang Noli (reacting to those who attended Miriam Santiago's 40th wedding anniversary)

"Magagalit ang DENR dyan. Puro plastic!" - Kabayang Noli (reacting to those who attended Miriam Santiago's 40th wedding anniversary)

Of particular interest to many is the fact that this particular event was able to bring together a wide array of personalities in the fields of politics, media, and even media. Guests include former presidents Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, as well as Benigno Aquino III. As pointed out by many news reports, these personalities are not exactly in good terms with one another. Just after the news report (by Jorge Carino), Noli de Castro was caught on camera quipping: “Galit ang DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) dyan! Maraming plastic.” I watched it live, and I am not sure if Kabayan is aware that the camera is already focused to him when he said that. This was done not at the end of the program, but just before he introduced another story.

Last night, I noted in Facebook that though a lot of news anchors here in the Philippines are known for making side comments like Korina Sanchez, Mike Enriquez, and Erwin Tulfo, I still believe that they should at least project a semblance of neutrality on what they report on. I know that is a long shot. How can that be when some of our newscasters are doing double-duties as opinion writers (for tabloids, mostly) or radio commentary program hosts? I know all of us have a take on just about anything, but these people are journalists. I added that though I agree with what Kabayan blurted out (yes, I find it really funny!), it is still not right.

Here’s what Miss Katherine De Castro wrote as a comment to my post:

Miss Kat De Castro's comment to my Facebook post about her father's gaffe

Miss Kat De Castro's comment to my Facebook post about her father's gaffe


I am neither a journalism purist nor a media traditionalist. I’ve seen what she is talking about. I remember seeing Katie Couric (former anchor of CBS Evening News in America) one time blurting out “yuck!” after a report on the recommended diet for school children. But, are we watching the news to hear what the anchors have to quip about the stuff they report on? No. But, to be sure, it gives us something to be amused about. 🙂

P.S.: I’m a fan of Kabayan Noli de Castro. I always imitated his PAG-IBIG catchphrase “Bakit ka mangungupahan pa, kung kaya mo naming magkabahay na!” I even had it recorded in my cellphone. I would have voted for him last year had he ran for president!


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