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No Philippine Blog Awards for 2012, but VOTE FOR ME!

Here’s a bad news for bloggers looking for means to be recognized on a national level. This year, at least two major national competitions for Filipino bloggers will not be held. In its official Facebook page, the Philippine Blog Awards committee noted last November 1 that it “will be going on hiatus this year 2012.” The group did not elaborate why but it vowed that they “will be back soon.”

Earlier this year, organizers of the Philippine Web Awards (PWA) announced that it is scrapping its original plans to have the awarding rites on July 20, 2012. The organization noted that their decision was “in response to e-mails sent by a number of Web designers who pointed out that since 2012 is nearly half over, we should already include Web sites that have gone ‘live’ this year.”

Therefore, the 13th PWA will honor websites put up in 2011 and 2012. The organization added: “We will reopen the nominations, push back the judging schedules and hold the Awards Night late this year or early next year.”

philippine web awards 2013

Like the Philippine Blog Awards, the Philippine Web Awards will not be held this year.

On this day a year ago, I was notified by the organizers of the 7th Annual Population and Development Media Awards that I will be getting the Best Text Blog Award for 2011. That’s the first time that the said award-giving body recognized bloggers in the same league as their counterparts from the traditional media.

Unfortunately, the Philippine Legislators’ Committee for Population and Development hasn’t expressed any intentions to organize the event this year. This decision is disconcerting knowing how much the reproductive health bill issue dominated the news cycle this year.

SHAMELESS PLUG: The Filipino Scribe is nominated to receive the People’s Choice Award in this year’s edition of the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA) – OFW Supporter category. Visit PEBA’s website (www.pinoyblogawards.com) and check out this part in the page’s right side to vote for us. Thank you so much in advance!

The Filipino Scribe is nominated in this year’s Pinoy Expat/OFW Blog Award. Please vote for us in this link – http://www.pinoyblogawards.com/!

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