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Globe Telecoms expand their list of redeemable reward items

I know it is presumptuous for me to think that someone from Globe may have read my previous blog on this topic. One thing is sure: Globe is aware of the negative feedback their recent flip-flopping on their own rewards promo has generated among subscribers.

It can be recalled that three months ago, Globe Telecoms revised their list of redeemable rewards without any prior announcement, much to the chagrin of their subscribers (myself included) who vented their frustration online (http://rightonthemark.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/unable-to-redeem-globe-rewards-lately-here%E2%80%99s-why/). I have written about it early last month, and that post has become one of my most visited blogs to date.

There, I noted that consumers need “at least 100 points to redeem the lowest available reward, GCALL100 (60 minutes, valid for 5 days).” After GCOMBO200, the next available reward is an SM Advantage Card (SMAC) 1000, but you can only redeem it after accumulating 1,690 points (by loading P 16,900) something one of my readers described as “unfeasible.” One disgusted reader, meanwhile, called for a boycott of Globe since “it changed the rules in the middle of the game (which is) very unfair to consumers.”

Apparently in an effort to stop criticisms hurled against them, Globe Telecoms have informed their subscribers three days ago that they have “updated” the catalog of redeemable items under their rewards program (popularly known as Globe Rewards 4438). Their full message reads: “MyRewards MyGlobe: Check out the updated rewards catalog. You only need to have at least 20 points to enjoy your FREE call and text rewards. Text ITEMS to 4438 for free to view the LATEST list of rewards and points needed for you to redeem (them).”  I did just that, and got this list of rewards in return:

SULITXT15 – 20 points

UNLI20 – 26 points


GCOMBO50 (150 SMS and 40-minute calls for 2 days) = 65 points

                This line-up of redeemable rewards is better than what it was the past three months. HOWEVER, Globe increased the points required for each reward. Prior to last July’s adjustment, you only need 15, 20, and 40 points to redeem SULITXT15, UNLI20, and UNLI 40 respectively. Therefore, their statement that “you only need to have at least 20 points” is a BS.

And as an obvious retort to criticisms that they modified their Globe Rewards program without informing their subscribers at all, the telco ended their message by insisting that “rewards and points needed may change without prior notice.”

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