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Deniece Milinette Cornejo and Cedric Lee

Not Denise Millet Cornejo

Two top entertainment blog sites have identified Cedric Lee and Deniece Millet Cornejo as the alleged mastermind of the physical attack and extortion attempt against television personality Vhong Navarro. EnterVRexWorld posted a composite picture of the two individuals in a blog post.

Website LionHearTV meanwhile noted that web inquiries for Cedric Lee is already spiking.

Here’s a scanned image of a magazine article about Cornejo. She is using this as a cover photo on her Facebook account. As of this time, the account is still active. (UPDATE: The page has already been deactivated.)

deniece cornejo

Deniece Millet Cornejo (Photo taken from her Facebook account)

denise cornejo

In her Facebook profile picture, Deniece Cornejo can be seen with GMA Network CEO Felipe Gozon

deniece cornejo facebook

Screenshot of Deniece Cornejo’s now-deactivated Facebook page

Question: Is this Cedric Lee also the former husband of Vina Morales?


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