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The moron Jeff Tamayo should resign for insulting PH paddlers

As the media had reported the past week, the bemedalled Philippine Dragon Boat Federation (PDBF)  team will neither receive any official remuneration for their winnings in Florida, USA nor get the chance to represent the country in the 2011 Southeast Asian Games and the 2014 Asian Games simply because they are “not a recognized national sports association (NSA) by the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).”

This is very shameful! It is very disgusting to learn about this. Hindi nagagawa ng pamahalaan na kilalanin ang kakayahan ng Philippine Dragon Boat teamdahil lamang sa hidwaan sa pagitan ng mga sports associations.  Nakakahiya para sa bansa!

The moron Jeff Tamayo should resign for insulting our athletes!

Last October, retired Col Jeff Tamayo, POC board director, expressed extreme disbelief at the paddlers performance, saying that “our paddlers were super men and women, or were on super steroids.” Just last week, he said: “They (the PDBF squad) have the body, they have everything, but as we all know, ampaw na lang ‘yun.” To add insult to injury, he also urged the triumphant athletes to just retire ad give way to younger paddlers. For this very obnoxious remarks, Jeff Tamayo should resign out of shame. 

Come to think of it, intramurals in the field of sports is not really new. For two years, the Philippine basketball team was not able to participate in competitions sanctioned by the International Basketball Federation because of the bickering between BAP and the Philippine Olympic Committee.

As a result, the Philippines was disqualified from joining the 2005 SEA Games (which the country hosted) and the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar. During the time when basketball leaders are squabbling with each other, other teams especially those from Middle East like Jordan, Lebanon, and Iran have already emerged as new powerhouses.

When will our sports leaders like Jeff Tamayo learn their lesson? Needless to say, they are the reason why Philippine sports is insuch a sorry state.

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