Marjorie Barretto photo scandal?

She may not be running for any political post in this year’s elections, but actress-turned-public servant Marjorie Barretto has not been spared from vicious intrigues. Over the weekend, sexy photos purportedly of the three-term councilor from Caloocan City was circulated online.

Barretto has denied that the woman in the picture is her, saying: “I would never do something like that. That’s not my nature.” She told Philippine Entertainment Portal that she will seek the assistance of the National Bureau of Investigation to determine the parties who distributed the photo.

marjorie barretto photo scandal

Marjorie Barretto has denied the said photo scandal. (Credits:

Prior to the recent (and very public) feud involving the Barretto clan, Marjorie has long been involved with Caloocan Mayor Enrico “Recom” Echiverri. Four years ago, it was even rumored that she gave birth to their love child in the United States, a claim her camp immediately shot down. The issue came to life once again with Echiverri’s son RJ running to succeed him as mayor.

UPDATE: Attorney Lorna Kapunan, Ms Barretto’s legal counsel, has posted two comments below. Barretto’s camp asked The Filipino Scribe to take down this write-up and her nude photo. We deleted the original photo used, but this blog post will remain.

Looking back, The Filipino Scribe acknowledges that it still could have published this piece without using Barretto’s photo.  We may be guilty of lapse in judgment and good taste, but we believe we did nothing criminal. All along, we were working under the assumption that it’s not Barretto in the picture. But based on what Atty. Kapunan is saying, we’re wrong. Read their camp’s official admission here.

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